I took an extra day here in Pittsburgh, before I ride to Washington, because I wanted to visit my childhood home, in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. I lived until I was ten in Bethel Park.

Pittsburgh from atop Mt Washington.

I took the Incline down to Station Square, from Mt Washington, where I am staying. There is an unparalleled view of the city from atop Mt Washington.

At Station Square I picked up the light rail, called the T. Bikes are allowed.

After about 25 minutes I arrived in Bethel Park and disembarked about a mile from where I lived. I have visited this neighborhood about every ten years since we left there. Everything seems smaller: the hills, the distances and the houses…

My parents built this house in 1962. We lived there until I was 10, in 1967.

It was on this street that I learned to ride a bike. I was a late bloomer, age eight. A neighbor boy, a year younger, taught me. After that my parents got me a bike—used—but I thought it was the greatest.

I had fun riding the neighborhood on a bike for the first time in 53 years.

I had always wanted to ride the Montour Trail, which circumnavigates Pittsburgh from the Ohio River in the west, to the Monogahela in the south. A spur runs up into Bethel Park. I rode it down to McKeesport, about 25 miles, then picked up the Great Allegheny Passage, 15 miles back to Pittsburgh, making it a 45-mile day altogether.

I took some extra time getting good pictures of the bridges.

An old railroad bridge across the Monogahela is now a dedicated bike bridge.

I completed my loop back at Station Square where I enjoyed a beer and Pasta, fuel for tomorrow’s 60-mile ride.

Tomorrow I head back down bright and early to the city, where I begin my ride to D.C.

The Point, where the Great Allegheny Passage begins, 335 miles to D.C.