At the entrance to Assisi in October 2019, with my wife Jane.

I am a creative person, a writer, speaker, editor, public chronicler and reflector on life, a person who appreciates nature and bird songs. My goal in living is to inspire others to more simple, deliberate, meaningful, peaceful and less consumptive lives. To that end, I like to bike and walk as much as I can, instead of using a car.

I grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Hartford, and Chicago, usually next to the woods, and I spent as much of the time in the outdoors as I could. From an early age I developed a love of reading and books, I had ambitions to become a writer and to travel the world.

I have several decades experience in the publishing business, most recently as the Executive Director of MennoMedia and Publisher at Herald Press, an agency of the Mennonite Church in the U.S. and Canada. I now work full-time as a freelance writer, editor and publishing consultant and coach.

I graduated from Indiana University with a degree in English in 1979 and from Boise State University with a Masters in Public Administration in 2002. I also studied theology and pastoral ministry at Southern Seminary.

In addition to my work in publishing, I have worked for several decades in ministry, including work as a pastor and a coordinator of local services for people in impoverished communities. I have also been a university administrator.

Even as a book publisher, I never dreamed of writing my own book. Writing The Walk of a Lifetime  was as much of an adventure as walking the Camino de Santiago itself. I now plan on doing more pilgrimages and writing books about them and have a personal memoir in the works. Life is an adventure, waiting for us to find it.

With one of my younger grandsons.

Besides walking and cycling, I enjoy reading, gardening, traveling, photography and spending time with my family, and I continue to have a passion for the outdoors and for the environment. I live in Harrisonburg, in the Shenandoah valley of Virginia with my wife of 40 years, Jane, several of our six adult children and our five grandchildren. I enjoy speaking to groups, both locally and far away, about the Camino de Santiago, about trekking as a way of touring for older adults, about the importance of pursuing dreams as one grows older and about writing my first book at age 62.

Bike-powered trash collection volunteer at the recent Red Wings Roots music festival. My dream job…

My recently published book, The Walk of a Lifetime, sums up a lot of my experiences and the joy I have from living an inspired life. It serves as an example of the type of book I’d like to help others create through my recently launched consultancy and self-publishing business that I called the Walker Press. The story of how I developed this business and wrote my own book is told in a recent Career Pivot Podcast.

More about me is avaiable via download of my Media Sheet.