With my youngest grandson, Greg.

I am a creative person, a writer, speaker, editor, public chronicler and reflector on life, a person who appreciates nature and bird songs. My goal in living is to inspire others to live more simple, deliberate, meaningful and less consumptive lives; I model it by the way I live and through what I communicate.

  • I help people delight in life. I do this through what I create and by helping others express themselves. In practical terms, I help them formulate and shape a writing project into a book or something similar.
  • I edit and assist others in their writing, helping them to find their voice.
  • I publicly reflect on life through a blog and through short essays and through public speaking and presentations.
  • I imagine a better world and a different approach to life and tell others about it.

My recently published book, The Walk of a Lifetime, sums up a lot of my experiences and the joy I have from an inspired life. It serves as an example of the type of book I’d like to help others create through my recently launched a consultancy and self-publishing business that I called the Walker Press. This a place where writers, editors and designers can collaborate in creating new and beautiful content. The story of how I developed this business and wrote my own book is told in a recent Career Pivot Podcast.

I also do a lot of walking and cycling. Besides being healthier, these are the forms of transportation that we are going to need to cultivate if we have any hope to reduce our carbon footprints. So, I walk and cycle around town and when I travel.