Duomo in Florence

We finally to got Florence, our first overseas trip in over two years. Our first flight was Washington Dulles to Munich and it was full. The airport felt very much like it used to—quite packed actually. Other than having to wear a mask continually for over 18 hours, it felt quite normal. We got to enjoy the lounge chairs in the Munich airport during our 4 hour layover.

Jane relaxes and even dozes off (at an airport!)

The one-hour flight on Air Dolomites (a firsts for me) was dramatic and had me glued to my window. I had the entire last two rows to myself, so I moved from side-to-side on the plane. First the Alps, then the Dolomites, then the Adriatic, then the Apennines, then finally to Florence.

The Tyrol—Italian Alps.

Our transport into the center city, where we are staying one night, was a tramway. We found our hotel without too much trouble and, forcing to keep ourselves awake, headed out to get a quick espresso, a small bite to eat, sim cards for our phones and stamps on our pilgrim credentials, or credentialed. Those will help us get discounts or access that regular tourists don’t have.

First full-on view of the famous Duomo
The Duomo is everywhere!

We know that we‘ll be back at the end of the month for a few days to appreciate Florence, so for now we are getting ready to head out in the morning on the first stage of our pilgrimage, a walk that is close to 25 miles. We can’t wait to see what we will experience!

Basilica of San Croce, where we got our first stamps.